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Where’s Ruby and Rails?

There is a lot of attention being given to PHP, Perl and Python on this blog. Where’s Ruby? And where’s Ruby on Rails? Over the few past years, I’ve realized the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why I use Perl for scripting and PHP for the web. It’s not like I’ve not given Ruby and Rails a try. In todays market, you can’t afford to be stuck with the wrong tools. You have to keep up with the times in order to succeed. I’ve kept my eyes open ever since. Regardless, there has been too much activity on the web surrounding the whole Ruby on Rails phenomenon for me to not have noticed anyway.

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PHP is Easy

Among Perl, PHP and Python, I have the most experience with PHP. Considering my fascination for web-based applications, it was a very appealing replacement for the C based web apps that I was writing. My background in C led me to write everything in C, regardless of whether it was appropriate or not. PHP was very easy to pick up because of its C like syntax and API. I’ve not written much C after that – well, for web apps at least.

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Why Perl, PHP and Python

Off late, I’ve been meddling a lot with Perl, PHP and Python. The next few posts are going to revolve around these three programming languages. I don’t plan on getting too technical as I’d just like to share my experiences with them. Let’s start out with a short list of advantages.

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The blog is up

After spending a minimal amount of time setting up WordPress on my server, is up and running. I’ve set up this blog to act as a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world. I’ve always had stuff to share but never a decent outlet. Setting up disjoint web pages never did appeal to me. Ofcourse, blogging has been around for years but I never felt the urge until recently.

Anyway, you can expect posts that cover diverse topics. I’m a geek at heart so you may find a bias towards programming and software toys. We’ll find out over time.

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