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Migrating to WordPress

Some of you may notice that now points to I’m in the process of moving all the content on my main webpage into WordPress. PmWiki didn’t inspire me enough to keep my site up to date. Having two different systems didn’t help much either.

Let’s hope WordPress helps keep this site fresh and interesting.


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wxPython Widgets – Part I

I’m currently working on AppSnap, a Windows application which simplifies software installation. It originally started out as a console application but has since graduated into being GUI based as well. More on it when it gets released in a few days. For now, I’d like to spend some time talking about a few wxPython widgets that I use in AppSnap. wxPython has some decent documentation but it is still hard to figure out all aspects of a widget for a beginner. So here’s a few common widgets and their usage. I’ve also linked to the relevant pages in the wxPython API where appropriate so as to make further investigations easier.

Note that some of the examples below have been created to fit into the context of this post. AppSnap is laid out quite differently and I’ll go over that in a separate post.

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