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Turning to Akismet

We live in a world of wasted effort. I get my daily dose of email spam despite some pretty decent filtering. And ever since I started this blog a few months back, I gotten to experience the joys of comment spam first hand.

Like any new blog, I started out without comment moderation but after a few weeks, the amount of spam became unbearable and I couldn’t keep up with deleting them. While moderating comments is much better than an open site, it is still tedious and boring to clean up the moderation queue. Few people post legitimate comments which hide in the haystack of spam. For the longest time, I put up with it since I didn’t have the time to research the issue.

Lately, having gotten fed up with the spam and the efforts involved in moderation, I decided to give Akismet a try. I had avoided Akismet for the longest time since I wasn’t keen on registering on One more login to deal with…

Well, I’m glad I activated Akismet. It’s working very well and has been 100% accurate so far. I can be a lot more confident when I go through the moderation queue. And I no longer need to see the spam in my inbox since Akismet does such a good job.

I still have to look for legitimate comments in the Akismet queue but the odds of a false positive seem low so far. Long story short, turn on Akismet and have at least one line of defence against spam.


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  1. abhi111 says:

    Akismet isn’t perfect, unfortunately. I should know. It even marks my comments as spam sometimes. There’s not really much you can do to Aksimet about this, but you should also be running Bad Behavior, to keep out the spammers before they even hit your site at all. (Which means there’s far less junk to view in the Akismet Spam page.)

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