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Seven Lessons

Every time you smile at me,
I’m bathed like a leaf in morning dew,
My fortune is hence to reflect,
That same expression back to you,
My first lesson is to practice this,
When I look at you, at you and You.

I’m dazzled by your speckless slate,
That makes the plainest burst in bloom,
Marvel in the most mundane,
From the noisy spoon to a lazy noon,
My second lesson is to live life such,
That every thing is a priceless boon.

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Phone Wars – Achieving Locomotion

I recently spent an inordinate number of hours trying to figure out which mobile phone camp to join. Having no commitment or loyalty to any particular provider meant I had complete freedom of choice. Given that platform, it was a question of figuring out the pros and cons of the devices, operating systems and service providers and lining those with our particular needs.

Figuring out what is available out there is a time consuming affair. Making a list of all criteria and collecting data is boring. I spent most of my time in this department. “What exactly do I need from a smartphone?” is the question I should have been asking myself all along. In the end, focusing on this question made the decision more palpable.

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AutoHotKey script for PasteFire

PasteFire is a really cool service to send information from your desktop to your iPhone really quickly. I found it courtesy LifeHacker. A very simple concept but implemented very well, and all for a great price of free. They have a web form, a bookmarklet  and a standalone application for Windows that can be used on the desktop side.

Here’s a really simple AutoHotKey script that does the same thing as requested by AppsFire. If you are like me and have a running AutoHotKey instance all the time, you can add this snippet to your code and integrate PasteFire to your workflow. You will need a Curl executable that supports SSL.

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Short and Sweet

It is about time I post something to this blog, its been two years now. Twitter has almost made this place into an archive, will have to inject some new life here. There is surely short and sweet things to share that are not quite short enough for Twitter.

Lots of stuff to post about, I have done quite a bit in the last two years. I will start by cataloging the more useful items.

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