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AutoHotKey script for PasteFire

PasteFire is a really cool service to send information from your desktop to your iPhone really quickly. I found it courtesy LifeHacker. A very simple concept but implemented very well, and all for a great price of free. They have a web form, a bookmarklet  and a standalone application for Windows that can be used on the desktop side.

Here’s a really simple AutoHotKey script that does the same thing as requested by AppsFire. If you are like me and have a running AutoHotKey instance all the time, you can add this snippet to your code and integrate PasteFire to your workflow. You will need a Curl executable that supports SSL.

; PasteFire
Send ^c
ClipWait 1
if ErrorLevel
StringReplace, Data, Clipboard, ", \", All
RunWait, curl.exe --data-urlencode "clipboard=%Data%" -d "email=EMAIL_ADDRESS" -d "pwd=PASSWORD" "", C:\PATH_TO_CURL, Hide

You will need to replace EMAIL_ADDRESS, PASSWORD and the PATH_TO_CURL above to get this working. The hotkey combination is WIN+C though that can be changed.

Just highlight any chunk of text and hit WIN+C and it will be sent to your iPhone in a few moments. Note that your clipboard contents will be lost. If you want, you can enhance the script restore the clipboard when done. Also, all quotes (“) get replaced by " so watch out for that.

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