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Seven Lessons

Every time you smile at me,
I’m bathed like a leaf in morning dew,
My fortune is hence to reflect,
That same expression back to you,
My first lesson is to practice this,
When I look at you, at you and You.

I’m dazzled by your speckless slate,
That makes the plainest burst in bloom,
Marvel in the most mundane,
From the noisy spoon to a lazy noon,
My second lesson is to live life such,
That every thing is a priceless boon.

Undoubtedly, your freedom from,
All concepts bares all bonds of age,
To make sheer fun of this you play,
With toys of us stuck in a cage,
My third lesson is to remember this,
When I’m unable to disengage.

Your love is like the ocean vast,
Where ripples make the journey fair,
Regardless of all reprimands,
You never taint your love or care,
My fourth lesson is to be rooted thus,
No matter what life may with me share.

You are exactly in when and where,
Not lost in time and space elsewhere,
Every moment you are reborn,
Releasing past and all prepare,
My fifth lesson is to behold the now,
What else deserves a bigger care.

Not losing time in planning goals,
You heartily rejoice this patient road,
There’s more between than at the ends,
Planted seeds are inevitably sowed,
My sixth lesson is to sweat and be,
Not haste towards some final abode.

Unbelievable is your eagerness,
To pick up things anew each day,
Filled with humility, brisk in pace,
Growing in every single way,
My seventh lesson is to seek a lesson each day,
And to learn from you, and you and You.


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4 Responses

  1. Rekha says:

    Awesome! I’m guessing it’s for Guruji 🙂

  2. Richa says:

    I actually thought it was maybe for your new baby daughter. Regardless of who it is for, the poem is spectacular! Wow!

  3. genotrance says:

    It is for my kids.

  4. Manjunath Shivappa says:

    wow, man of multiple talents. superb man

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