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FlyGrip on the Galaxy Note 2

A couple weeks ago I had posted about the Galaxy Note 2, a great phone that I really liked. I had mentioned the FlyGrip in the post, a contraption that helps hold the phone a lot more securely.

Ever since I got the FlyGrip, I have found that I’m a lot more confident when I’m holding the phone. While it does feel unwieldy initially, it really helps once you get used to it. Like the various YouTube videos online, I’ve gotten used to getting it on my fingers as soon as I pull the phone out of my pocket. The large size does seem to be a bit loose for my fingers, even though it was recommended in penny test but I guess that’s okay since it might be uncomfortable if it is too snug.

Even my kids use it, when they’re playing games on my phone. Despite their little fingers, they still seem to be using it regularly. It seems like a great idea that has been implemented really well. It is easy to open and close and does not get stuck in clothing and what not. There are various caveats though.

For one, you can no longer keep your phone flat on the table and read it. The phone will tilt backwards due to the FlyGrip. It also makes it impossible to type on the phone if it is laying flat. Okay, you can use it in kickstand mode vertically but that only works on hard surfaces. Further, with the kickstand on, the phone is very unstable. You cannot touch the screen or type or do any other thing without worrying about the phone falling backwards. The kickstand will really help with watching movies or reading but not while interacting with the phone.

The biggest problem I’ve faced though is that the weight of my phone has gone up quite a bit, not too much with just the FlyGrip, but when you combine it with the TPU case provided, it makes the Galaxy Note 2 really heavy to carry around. FlyGrip provides a free case with your order in case you are uncomfortable sticking the FlyGrip on your brand new phone. Really nice case, mind you. No doubt that’s probably a problem with the Galaxy Note 2 itself for starters, but I was okay with holding the phone when there was no case nor FlyGrip. Now that I’ve added both, it is hard holding the phone and reading for long periods of time.

Perhaps the fact that I have the FlyGrip on the phone could help me consider getting rid of the TPU case with the confidence that I might not drop the phone as often. Although, I just dropped it yesterday, face down from three feet on concrete, so that’s unlikely.

The sheer size of the Galaxy Note 2 and the location of the FlyGrip lower down on its profile means you need to hold your hands taut and use your index finger to support the phone. Without this, the phone simply falls over backwards. It will definitely be much more usable on smaller phones but on the Note 2, it is tiring. Again, this isn’t directly a FlyGrip issue but a consequence of using it on a large phone.

Overall, I think it’s a really good product that can really help when used with a phone. I would encourage everyone to try it out. No doubt the Galaxy Note 2 is probably a little too big for my hands in general, especially with the case, and perhaps I really need to consider a smaller phone instead.

Now if only someone would make a high end Android phone at 4″.


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