Random thoughts, ideas and experiences

In Pairs

You’re here to share
With me my life
Across the flow
Can’t ask for more
Few come in pairs

The daily grind
Or lofty thoughts
Traverse so smooth
As if we’re one
So rare is such
To boat the seas
Both ways and back
And glean the theme

Fiery skies
Or icy dreams
Gross or fine
We scale, refine
Laugh or cry
Surf turbulence
‘spite scenery
A singular mind

Nameless to named
Abstract to mundane
Traveled and yet
Remaining the same
Worldly and mystic
Drifting propelled
Delicately strong
Our beautiful song

Contented wants
Conclusive smiles
The journey begins
Continues and winds
Like flapping wings
In movement and still
Just you and I
Few come in pairs


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