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Clump is a simple Gui Tail. It also allows capture of output from commands on the console. The output captured can then be saved to a file for further analysis if needed. Clump is written in Python and uses wxPython. For Windows, it is packaged using Py2Exe and installed using NSIS.


Obligatory Screenshots

  • Clump reading from a pipe: | clump


  • Clump tailing a file: clump


  • Saving the buffer



The Windows installer copies the executable files, source code and the README to a directory of your choice. It then creates a link in the “Send To” folder and a batch file in the Windows directory. The installer does not create any start menu shortcuts since Clump is typically invoked on the console or using “Send To”.

Clump for Windows can be uninstalled from “Add or Remove Programs” in the Control Panel.


To capture the output of a command on the console, pipe the output to Clump.

c:\> dir | clump

To capture output going to stderr, redirect it to stdout using 2>&1.

c:\> nmake -f make.mak 2>&1 | clump

To tail a file in the console, specify it as an argument.

c:\> clump filename.log

To tail a file in Windows Explorer, use the “Send To” shortcut – right click on the file, select “Send To” and then select Clump.

*Nix tips

The following should have Clump running in *Nix.

  • Install Python if it is not already present
  • Install the wxPython toolkit
  • Download and extract the Clump source to a directory of your choice
  • Setup an alias for Clump as follows

# alias clump python /path/to/

Once this is done, the above console examples should work. I haven’t tried Clump on *Nix yet so if you have, do share your experiences!


Clump is being released under the GPL. The source code is included in the installer.




I’ll be happy to hear about your experiences with Clump. If you have any ideas or recommendations, please feel free to send them my way. I also welcome patches. You can contact me at: ganeshjgd AT gmail DOT com.

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