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Short and Sweet

It is about time I post something to this blog, its been two years now. Twitter has almost made this place into an archive, will have to inject some new life here. There is surely short and sweet things to share that are not quite short enough for Twitter.

Lots of stuff to post about, I have done quite a bit in the last two years. I will start by cataloging the more useful items.


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Twitter – I finally get it

Some of you may have noticed the Twitter feed on the right. This is a brand new, albeit late in early adopter terms, addition to my online life. For the longest time, I really wondered what the whole point of Twitter was. People just went on and on about the phenomenon and I never quite got it. Why on earth would anyone be interested in being notified about what I am up to, every moment of my life?

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Move to

Some of you may have noticed that this blog, and my wife’s blog, are now hosted on I moved since I want to stop depending on my server at home for my web hosting needs. The migration was not too difficult since I was using WordPress for the blogs anyway, but was not as smooth as I hoped.

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AppSnap reviewed on Lifehacker

I just found out that AppSnap was reviewed on Lifehacker. My web server apparently took a beating and was down. Considering I was travelling for most of today, I just got to fixing it. Hopefully, it fares better now that I’ve tweaked some settings.

I’m a regular reader and fan of Lifehacker and am very happy to see AppSnap on their front page. Thanks to Gina Trapani and the Lifehacker gang for their show of support. The extra eyes and feedback will surely help make AppSnap more useful to people out there.

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Migrating to WordPress

Some of you may notice that now points to I’m in the process of moving all the content on my main webpage into WordPress. PmWiki didn’t inspire me enough to keep my site up to date. Having two different systems didn’t help much either.

Let’s hope WordPress helps keep this site fresh and interesting.

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The blog is up

After spending a minimal amount of time setting up WordPress on my server, is up and running. I’ve set up this blog to act as a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world. I’ve always had stuff to share but never a decent outlet. Setting up disjoint web pages never did appeal to me. Ofcourse, blogging has been around for years but I never felt the urge until recently.

Anyway, you can expect posts that cover diverse topics. I’m a geek at heart so you may find a bias towards programming and software toys. We’ll find out over time.

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