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Here you shall find music made by me as genosha and as aho in module (.IT) format as well as the more popular mpeg3 (.MP3) and ogg vorbis (.OGG) format.

Probably everyone knows how to play mp3 files. As for the modules, they were created using Impulse Tracker which is a DOS based application. Good luck getting it to work on Windows. The best way to get them to play accurately is using XM-Play. Besides modules, XM-Play supports a variety of other audio file formats and is good enough to become your default audio player.

I started composing music in 1996 using Impulse Tracker among other freeware utilities. My last release came out in 2001 so it has been a while since I’ve released anything new. However, all my albums, music disks and releases are available for your entertainment. Feel free to download, distribute and share them to your hearts content. Find links on the navigation tree to the right.

2 Responses

  1. obsysteme says:

    Winamp also plait *.it files.

    By the way, I too still use Impulse Tracker, on a 486 computer! love it!

    keep it retro.

  2. timn!! says:

    check out schism tracker, it’s a beautiful remake of impulse tracker. i’ve only found a few tracks it won’t render exactly right!

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