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Here’s my experimental releases. They’re here because they don’t really fit into any specific genre. They are some of my best tracks and also the ones that I really had fun making since I wasn’t bound by the rules of any specific genre or style.

  Ritualistic Noise
Released On July 23, 2002
Song Length 5:58
Released At Dream Wave Project
Links Download Module (1.24 M)
Download MP3 (6.87 M)
  Heat Weird Beat
Released On February 19, 2001
Song Length 4:57
Links Download Module (132 K)
Download MP3 (4.54 M)
Description This is such an old song, I don’t even have any dates. Before release, I made it sound more full and finished the end actually. Its atleast 2-3 years old fer sure, so its interesting as hell. I’ve tried to finish this so many times but it never seemed to ‘happen’. All the same, the filename was so I named it after that. The weird beat is obvious after a listen. Definitely recommended. Another experimental tune for you to digest.
Released On September 14, 2000
Song Length 3:19
Links Download Module (106 K)
Download MP3 (3.04 M)
  EnRiched Spirit
Released On August 17, 2000
Song Length 7:21
Links Download Module (2 M)
Download MP3 (6.76 M)
Description This song is dedicated to this little missy Richa who enjoys keeping me at my wit’s end. I’ve surely had the weirdest conversations with her and hope to enjoy her friendship for a long time to come. Figure out the song name yourself. As for the song, its pretty interesting. Various transitions to keep the listener entertained. Well, I hope at least. Released at Dmusic only! Nice and long… experimenting with ur mind…
Released On June 8, 2000
Song Length 3:51
Links Download Module (1.82 M)
Download MP3 (3.46 M)
Description A file name goes a long way…
  The Oscillist
Released On May 2, 2000
Song Length 11:16
Links Download Module (3.51 M)
Download MP3 (10.3 M)
Description Oscillating in trance has always been a priority.
  The You Me
Released On June 2, 2000
Song Length 8:50
Links Download Module (3.35 M)
Download MP3 (8.1 M)
Description Rhetoric reflection for TamBrahm Boy.
  Chingari (Resurgent Remix)
Released On January 30, 2000
Song Length 6:40
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (1.41 M)
Download MP3 (6.11 M)
Description A remix of a remix! Well, not really, its an alternate remake of ‘Chingari Koi Bhadke’ sung by Kishore Kumer. More on that in the Chingari (GOA A-Tempt) song info. But, this one, I initially lost to an hdd format, like a goof. Fortunately, I had the vocal samples elsewhere as well, so I could remake it. Its weird when u have to make the same thing twice, the second time, lots of new sounds make it to the song… weird. Well, the vocals are by me, the lyrics are by Anand Bakshi. Really nice song. People tell me they liked the GOA A-Tempt more, well, this is more mellow dudes!
  Karmanyeva Adhikaraste (Spiritual Mix)
Released On December 26, 1999
Song Length 7:42
Links Download Module (468 K)
Download MP3 (7.05 M)
Description Karmanyeva Adhikaraste Maa Faleshu //

Indulging in my favorite style, hard trance, always gives me immense pleasure and peace.

A remix of the original track, the ‘Spiritual Mix’ is a tribute to tranquility and spirituality.

Released On October 18, 1998
Song Length 7:14
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (5.53 M)
Download MP3 (6.63 M)
Description This track was my first Kosmic release. Quite interesting actually, almost everyone who hears my tracks thinks this is one of the best. Ofcourse, its my first track with vocals, so I guess people understand it better… anyways… This track has vocals by my cousin sister Lakshmi and a short rap performance by my cousin brother ASID, who wrote the text himself. All the vocals were recorded using a broken pair of cast away headphones. Using some noise removal and other softwares, I managed to make it sound the way it is. Pretty good actually, a classical example of fusion music, genosha style, it is a mix of a traditional Indian prayer with trance, a cool beat and nice bass. I remember the amount of time I spent on it, post-mastering it, so the mp3 is more recommended than the module. A must hear.
  Y. M. I. Here?
Released On August 6, 1998
Song Length 3:13
Released At ChaosTheory
Links Download Module (441 K)
Download MP3 (2.94 M)
Description Well, this is an old one as well, but its up here cause I never realised it wasn’t put up on my site… a weird trancey track, my sister told me it sounded like Pink Floyd, interesting, I like it when people tell me my tracks resemble some other track, it reminds me not to compare stuff beyond a certain limit, cause there are so many possible combinations. Intense track as such, a must for the ‘weird song’ lovers, musical too.
  Demosha Strikes Again
Released On January 12, 1998
Song Length 4:38
Released At Groovy Compo
Links Download Module (127 K)
Download MP3 (4.21 M)
Description Umm, lets see, this was made too far back to remember too much about it, but it was made for one of the Groovy Compos. I think this was made after New Moon 1998 which did pretty well so I had set a few hopes on this one. But it was too experimental for the general public to appreciate it enough. It is different, so I stuck it into the experimental catagory. Nice beat, transitions, pretty good for a less than 200 K file =)
  Holocaust 229
Released On November 14, 1997
Song Length 4:40
Links Download Module (178 K)
Download MP3 (4.18 M)

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