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Goa Trance

Let me tell you this – Goa Trance is a hard genre to compose in and so I send out respect to the big wigs in this genre. It’s no joke to create a track that is good. Goa Trance is my favorite genre and I always liked to dabble in it though, considering how hard it is to make decent stuff, the list is small.

  Space Not Time
Released On January 4, 2001
Song Length 8:53
Links Download Module (3 M)
Download MP3 (8.14 M)
Description A new goa trance attempt. I made this during my winter break at my sister’s place. Its intense. I think so atleast. If you are a goa trance producer or a huge fan, feedback would really help me out. If you get off on this track, nothing like it… cause then my mission would be even more accomplished. Yea, I get off at it, so I’m pretty satisfied =] All the same, move to it… and do hear my latest album!!! Its out there for free, so make use of the opportunity!
  White Label No. 1 (Aahz and Genosha)
Released On October 23, 2000
Song Length 9:35
Links Download Module (8.8 M)
Download MP3 (15.3 M)
Description This is a really cool goa track that Aahz and myself wrote together. Aahz pretty much had all the ideas, I just reconstructed the parts to get the whole. An awesome piece… post-mastered by Aahz, gosh he’s patient to do that! Anyways, check it out, its pretty intense, close to what Astral Projection is known for… ask Aahz about the name 😉
  One Tranced Breath 97 (genomix)
Released On May 25, 2000
Song Length 8:54
Released At Blackhole
Links Download Module (1.06 M)
Download MP3 (8.15 M)
Description Well, one more remix. Seen quite a few of these already, but they are fun to make so who cares! Anyways, the original track, One Tranced Breath ’97 by Jrb of Onyx, (now Osmium of Blackhole) is one of my favourite tracks. Its one of those that I grew up on, that directed my musical interests more towards trance. I had to remix this one, so here it is. Released at Blackhole, its quite an achievement for me, Blackhole is one of the best groups on the net presently, so. The beat is slightly different than a standard hardtrance track, and I’ve had a few complaints about that, but I find it interesting all the same. I just produced what was in my mind at that instant and I don’t have the heart to change it now. Good energetic track, awesome techniques used by Jrb, very cool effects achieved using very simple samples, hats off =)
  Will Always Have To Trip Alone
Released On December 22, 1999
Song Length 9:36
Links Download Module (359 K)
Download MP3 (8.79 M)
Description Will never get off mix
Can’t dance to it mix
Only can trip to it mix
The mind rules mix

Enjoy. Life is too short.

Remastered version, previously released on Kosmic Archives 4

  Chingari (Goa A-Tempt)
Released On June 7, 1999
Song Length 10:20
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (1.4 M)
Download MP3 (9.45 M)
Description This one is a good one. Real good infact. Inspired by R.D. Burman’s original song, ‘Chingari Koi Bhadke’ sung by the one and only Kishore Kumar, this one is one of my better productions. Extended play, original ethic trance. Won’t find stuff like this on other goa compilations. Thats why I call it an attempt to goa, I still don’t know how to do good stuff. Someday, real soon… but this one is a real good trip. Real good… one of my better tracks.
Released On June 3, 1999
Song Length 7:16
Released At ChaosTheory
Links Download Module (800 K)
Download MP3 (8.31 M)
Description A kinda hyperactive song, inspired by the bass drum in ‘Chaos and Order’ by Madbit, released by Advance. Interesting, and the most retarded part is that I made it for my sister’s birthday! Now tell me who makes goa track for a birthday gift, hehe. The name? Well, my sister’s name is Sandhya, so the ‘san’, and ‘ashram’ is something like a school, resting place, etc. So the song means where sandhya goes to chill out and listen to goa? She doesn’t even like goa! What the hell was I thinking =)
  No More of Me
Released On May 5, 1999
Song Length 8:25
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (266 K)
Download MP3 (7.7 M)
  Karmanyeva Adhikaraste
Released On August 18, 1998
Song Length 18:04
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (617 K)
Download MP3 (16.6 M)
Description This song has a name that has raised questions in a lot of peoples’ minds. So I’ll clarify here. ‘Karmanyeva Adhikaraste, Maa Falshu’ means you only have the right to perform your duties and the fruits of your doing your duty are not your right. Put in a simpler fashion, it means that do your job and don’t worry about the fruits as that’s God’s problem! Its from the Bhagavat Gita, quoted by Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata to Arjuna. Anyways, this is an epic track. Eighteen grand minutes to keep you on your feet. I’ve had people say that its too long and repetitive, but I believe that your patience will be rewarded and you will appreciate the repetition if you get on your feet. A personal favourite, this hard trance track has both aggression and a certain tranquility about it. Taste it…
Released On May 9, 1998
Song Length 8:22
Released At ChaosTheory
Links Download Module (545 K)
Download MP3 (7.64 M)
Description This has got to be one of the weirdest tracks I’ve ever made! And the name is fitting too… Osho is the name of this Guru in India who has an ashram (like a house where the focus is on relaxation, and tripping in Osho’s case) where bizarre sounds are used to help people relax, so I’ve heard. Back to the track, it has some really weird sounds, so be prepared to be totally turned on. Its more psychedelic than goa, but then again, there isn’t much difference anyways! Or is there?

2 Responses

  1. Well. It’s a track from 2001. You could upload a newer version. The melodic arps and 303s could be done luder and massive sounding. Some of parts of your Goa track seem to be “too traight” for Goa trance. Hope your are keeping on music making and uploading some new cool stuff 😉

  2. Fernando (Oriba Tiwa) says:

    Awesome!!! Goa Trance will never die!!!

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