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About Genotrance

Welcome to This website is my way of sharing myself with the world.


I spent the years between 1996 and 2002 composing several music tracks as genosha. I also released two albums in the process. All this material is freely available for download right here. While my recent work as genotrance is not posted here, I have links to them at the usual music sites such as Spotify.

For the last two decades, I’ve been singing and playing guitar and that will feature in more of my music going forward. This has given me a new dimension and a pleasant outlet for my creativity. I’m still on the look out for an application that will ignite my passion like how Impulse Tracker once did. I definitely like Reaper and am debating between OpenMPT and Renoise. I aspire to release more music that fuses the trance from my past with my current endeavors. Let’s hope that continues to happen.

© 1996 Ganesh Viswanathan. All rights reserved.
Twitter: @genotrance

5 Responses

  1. FidoBoy says:

    Hello Genosha,

    I just want to say you: THANKS!! thanks for your music… i’ve been listening to your releases from early 1996, when you were part of Kosmik Free Music Foundation. I like very much your music (specially Chaotic dust of atoms and Negative Cycles, also TamBrahm Boy)

    Why aren’t you released anything new since then? I hope that you can soon return to the world of music…

    In lakesh,


  2. cheers haven’t heard these tunes in years bro.. amazing

  3. Shampoo says:

    Seeing you in different avatars in fun:) keep up the good work my dear…

  4. draeke says:

    much respect to you genosha.
    karmanyeva adhikaraste is an absolutely mindblowing piece of goa trance :).
    regards and thanks for the music

  5. Jazztiz says:

    Hey there man, remember me?

    Sometimes I feel strong nostalgia about KFMF days and trying to seek for ex-groupmates.


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