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So Far

So Far was my first album and was a kind of “The Best of genosha”. I’m not entirely clear as to when it came out but it was around early 1999.

  Abstain Like Me?
Released On November 3, 1998
Song Length 6:51
Released At Kosmic
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Download MP3 (6.27 M)
Description This particular song is interesting. It has done so well at that they featured me in the electronica section for a week then their main page for a day. Then they put me on their ‘Best of Techno’ cd feature. Interesting, but nothing much came out of all that. SuX0r. Well, back to the song, nice techno mix, nice flow, a bit of acid, very dancable indeed. And the ending takes the cake. I actually had people ask me what it was! Werd…
  Prakruti (Nature Mix)
Released On June 29, 1998
Song Length 5:46
Released At ChaosTheory
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Download MP3 (5.28 M)
  Karmanyeva Adhikaraste
Released On August 18, 1998
Song Length 18:04
Released At Kosmic
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Download MP3 (16.6 M)
Description This song has a name that has raised questions in a lot of peoples’ minds. So I’ll clarify here. ‘Karmanyeva Adhikaraste, Maa Falshu’ means you only have the right to perform your duties and the fruits of your doing your duty are not your right. Put in a simpler fashion, it means that do your job and don’t worry about the fruits as that’s God’s problem! Its from the Bhagavat Gita, quoted by Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata to Arjuna. Anyways, this is an epic track. Eighteen grand minutes to keep you on your feet. I’ve had people say that its too long and repetitive, but I believe that your patience will be rewarded and you will appreciate the repetition if you get on your feet. A personal favourite, this hard trance track has both aggression and a certain tranquility about it. Taste it…
  Altruistic Peace – I
Released On April 24, 1998
Song Length 5:59
Released At CSR
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Download MP3 (5.47 M)
  Is This Logical?
Released On January 10, 1998
Song Length 7:18
Released At ChaosTheory
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Download MP3 (6.68 M)
Description This song goes way back to 1998 I think. It was made the day before I made ‘Average Compilations’ which turned out to be pretty ok. It has a weird feel to it… not your average hard trance track, more musical but real intense. Its on my first cd, ‘So Far’ that I released at KFMF. Very enjoyable in my opinion. Have fun…
Released On October 18, 1998
Song Length 7:14
Released At Kosmic
Links Download Module (5.53 M)
Download MP3 (6.63 M)
Description This track was my first Kosmic release. Quite interesting actually, almost everyone who hears my tracks thinks this is one of the best. Ofcourse, its my first track with vocals, so I guess people understand it better… anyways… This track has vocals by my cousin sister Lakshmi and a short rap performance by my cousin brother ASID, who wrote the text himself. All the vocals were recorded using a broken pair of cast away headphones. Using some noise removal and other softwares, I managed to make it sound the way it is. Pretty good actually, a classical example of fusion music, genosha style, it is a mix of a traditional Indian prayer with trance, a cool beat and nice bass. I remember the amount of time I spent on it, post-mastering it, so the mp3 is more recommended than the module. A must hear.
  Pals for Life – II
Released On September 16, 1998
Song Length 9:10
Released At ChaosTheory
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Download MP3 (8.37 M)
Description My favourite song!!! Yes, this is my personal favourite so far. Its the song that gets me all emotional and stuff, if u want me to ever be mushy and affectionate, this is what I hear 😉 and it sure does wonders. Some people do prefer part I to this, claiming its too laid back, but its one of the most intense mellow songs I’ve produced. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone. Its on my album ‘So Far’ released at Kosmic. Awesome and spiritual. Hear it and be elevated beyond your ambience.
  Final Conclusion
Released On June 29, 1998
Song Length 11:57
Released At ChaosTheory
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Download MP3 (10.9 M)
  72 minutes 27 seconds

4 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    I´ve been looking for yor music since my cd with some of your tracks brooke in like 2002, and now i found them again!:) Just love them!
    Great music! Keep up the good work man!

  2. deepXcode says:

    Awesome music!
    Every track!
    It is more “western” style music I would say. Life supporting music.

    I am curious about the last track, “Final Conclusion”, has it been inspired by “Deep Dish – Intro – Morning Wood [Junk Science ’98]”? The key melody just sounds the same to me!! But both albums were released in 1998. Just curious as both tracks sound so good!


  3. genotrance says:

    Hey deepXcode, I haven’t heard Deep Dish before, so Final Conclusion is original as far as I know 🙂

    Will be interesting to hear this track now to see how similar it is!

    Glad you liked the album 🙂

  4. deepXcode says:

    Yes.. I was initally searching for free and preferably fast Goa-trance tracks and this album seemed a very slow one and highly “eastern philosophy/religion” oriented.
    But now I can listen to as a “western” techno/downtempo/trance music and now it seemed all awesome to me from this perspective, every track sounded so perfect. Almost perfect..

    And listen to Deep Dish and let “us” know! It’s a very short 2 minutes intro track, while in your case it is a large ending.. But not only the melody, but also the instrument used sounds very similar!..

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